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Information Edit

Name : Bill Eisenheir

Bill Eisenheir

Age: 32

Hometown: New York

Sex: Male

Personality: A soft, quiet person who hides his kind heart behind his tough exterior. A rather intelligent man, he spends his free time reading and writing. He also enjoys a cold winter's morning with a warm cup of tea in his and. He has a very large tolerance for people going against him and won't go looking for a fight unless he is insulted to the point of no return.

Strengths: He is a very large man, standing at almost 2.00 meters, making it easy for him to appear more aggressive then he really is.

Weaknesses: However, due to a lack of an aggressive nature if anyone were to find out what a softie he was, they would not hesitate to use it against him.

Current Situation, History and Notes Edit

  • With a small group of survivors at Camp Site "Bobby"
  • A quiet but fundamental member of the group.
  • His life will be expanded upon as time goes on.