This page will guide you through all the necessary things you will need to create your very own Walking Dead Survivor.

Necessary Information Edit

Here is a list of all the information your survivor should have:








Rules Edit

  • Characters must make sense. No characters with extremely complicated stories or stories that make no sense.
  • Characters may not be over powered. They are allowed to be good or great at a few things or have one particular thing they are amazing at but no god-like characters.
  • No already existing characters from other fandoms. If your character is based off of a character in another fandom that's fine, but no direct crossovers.
  • Absolutely NO already existing characters from any media of The Walking Dead. No exceptions.
  • However, characters may be from existing places in any of The Walking Dead universe. For example, they could be a surviving citizen of Woodbury or a rouge Savior.
  • Characters may be related to characters in the show/ comic/ game if it would be plausible. If this is the case for your character, please contact an admin before adding them.
  • You may make as many characters as you see fit, however if one of them dies then they may not come back to life.
  • It is recommended to add an image of your survivor, either as a real person or a Lunaii. Lunaii's can be made here: