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Information Edit

Harvey Free

Name - Harvey Free

Age - 14

Harvey Free D4

Gender - Male

Hometown - London, UK

Personality - Quiet but fun-loving. A very patient person, takes a lot to make him speak loudly or act aggressively. Polite manners. A loner but a very caring person. Despite his lonely nature, he can become extremely attached to people.

Appearance - Very tall, especially for his age. Above 1.90M. He has vaguely long dark brown hair with Brown-Greenish eyes. Not particularly strong but not weak either.

Strengths: Due to his height, not many people would annoy him. He can fire a gun and probably hit his target if it was from a close range but he prefers a close range weapon. Despite his large size, he can be quite stealthy and knows where to hide.

Weaknesses: He has suffered from depression and anxiety in his past and it still shows up occasionally to mess with his life.

Current Situation, History and Notes Edit

  • With a small group of survivors at Camp Site "Bobby".
  • His life will be expanded upon a time goes forth.