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Information Edit

Name: Holly Lancaster

Holly Lancaster

Age: 27

Hometown: Lillyshire, Georgia

Sex: Female

Personality: A very stubborn girl. She was always more of a lone wolf and didn't listen to very many people. Not because she was rebellious, but simply because she didn't care what they thought.

Strengths: Due to her personality, she can easily brush aside any insults thrown at her. She's not good with any particular weapon, however she can easily find useful things where others

Weaknesses: A downfall of her personality is that she is awful at social skills. People who don't understand what she's like may see her as a rude or hateful person and may resent her for it.

Current Situation, History and Notes Edit

  • With a small group of survivors at Camp Site "Bobby"
  • Knows Lillyshire well due to growing up there.
  • Her life will be expanded upon within time.