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Maiden the Horse

Maiden is a brown horse with black hair. Maiden's a young female horse who is owned by Holly Lancaster and was born and raised in Lillyshire with her. Despite there being other horses who were much faster and agile than Maiden, Holly took a liking to the horse for reasons only she understands. During the beginning of the outbreak, when people were being herded towards the city for protection, Holly decided to take Maiden with her and set the rest of the horses free. Once they arrived at the city, it was evident to them that the military could not hold back the dead so they abandoned their journey to the city. Eventually they ended up at Camp Site "Bobby".

Current Situation, History and Notes Edit

  • Belongs to Holly Lancaster and is loyal to her.
  • Is living with a small group of survivors at Camp Site "Bobby"
  • Her past is not a particularly exciting one and it mostly known to everyone so her future is more important than her past.