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Information Edit

Name: Millie Lakeside

Millie Lakeside

Age: 12

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Sex: Female

Personality: A very dependent girl who relies on others a lot of the time, she's a small and timid girl. She can make friends relatively easily, who can tolerate a lot of stupidity and and a very strong psyche, making her tough to break.

Strengths: A very fast runner, knows how to forage for food, being stealthy and has a good sense of direction. Can tell different berries and plants apart.

Weaknesses: Is very jumpy and can be frightened easily. Not a hunter, more of a gatherer. Is afraid of pain and torture.

Current Situation, History and Notes Edit

  • With a small group of survivors at Camp Site "Bobby"
  • Her life will be expanded upon shortly.